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Tuesday, March 17, 2015
10:00am–12:00pm (Guest Speakers from sap)
10:30am–12:00pm (Exhibition pods)
1:00pm–3:30pm (external speakers)
1:45pm–3:00pm (d.school fellowship pods)
SAP Palo Alto, Building 8
3475 Deer Creek Rd.
Palo Alto, CA 94304
SAP is organizing its first UX day called “HIVE,” where speakers from within and outside of SAP will present interesting and diverse UX topics bound to create buzz.

After the event, we’ll keep the buzz created by HIVE going with a St. Patrick’s Day beer bash .

We envision Hive growing into a forum where people can connect and be part of a community that thrives creating better design by working together.
Guest Speakers from sap
Sam Yen
Chief Design Officer, User Experience
Humanizing IT: The Opportunity in Enterprise Experience Innovation
Right now is the most exciting time to be a designer. We have a chance to truly define and affect the entire experience of a product, and not just single features here and there. SAP Fiori brings that experience to life with simple, consistent and responsive apps. With this human-centered approach, the next step is to empower customers to bring these ideas into their own organizations. Through Enterprise Experience Innovation we can provide a set of content, services, design thinking tools and learnings. This can help accelerate and scale our customer’s journeys and organizational transformations so they too can go from features and functions to to delivering more useable, useful and delightful experiences.
Anamarie Huerta Franc
Sr. Director, Product Management
SAP UX 2015
User Experience is a hot topic in the enterprise software market and beyond. With SAP Fiori, SAP Screen Personas and our Design Services we have helped our customers bring more useable, useful and delightful solutions to their organizations and achieved recognition in the market for our efforts. But what is next in UX? How can we continue to enable and empower our customers and take a leading position on this topic in the market. Come find out about more about our User Experience Strategy for 2015 and beyond.
Judi Mazzola & Cara Stallone
Director & Visual Design Lead, User Experience
BILT—Bringing a Consumer App to Life in an Enterprise World
After SAP’s acquisition of Right Hemisphere, see how a diverse team came together to create a consumer app leveraging the enterprise. We will share the challenges and opportunities the team encounters within the realm of design, development, and marketing/sales within SAP. Let us also give you a glimpse into our vision for the future of BILT.
Carol Farnsworth
User Experience Strategist, Mobile Products
S4HANA: Extending the Design-Led Process
S4HANA, the next generation business suite, redefines how enterprise software creates value in a complex world. S4HANA is designed to run simple, increase user productivity, provide real time decision making, and improve customer experiences. This talk presents the research and design principles for S4HANA, customer co-innovation set-up, end-users roles, and the research/design process and deliverables.
Siva Sabaretnam
VP, User Experience
Consumer-Grade User Experience
User experience is a hard concept to explain, as it describes both the tangible and invisible aspects of our interactions with the world around us. So then how do we describe a “consumer-grade” experience? When designing “great” UX, we use words like simple, intuitive, and delightful. It is the concept of delight that is most noticeable in consumer-grade products—it’s the way extra information slides in as you hover over an element, or how a bright-green checkmark pops in when you’ve completed a task. This presentation will focus on how we are attempting to bring these consumer-grade concepts into SAP’s products.
Peter Spielvogel
Product Marketing Executive
SAP Screen Personas
User experience starts with the user. SAP Screen Personas puts the user in the driver’s seat by revolutionizing the development process for SAP screens. Business owners, end-users and IT now collaborate at the whiteboard to reimagine what’s possible—and then build more intuitive screens using SAP Screen Personas, quickly and easily. A better user experience is one way to help companies Run Simple.
Andrea Anderson
VP, Design Thinking
e-Learning in Design and Design Thinking for software apps
Design Thinking has become a household name for innovation. But how do you apply design thinking and design in a software context? This is the question we get daily for IT organizations, business analysts, students of software development and design. To give everyone a glimpse behind the scenes we create an experiential, collaborative learning experience to introduce learners to Design Thinking, and are now in the process to create an ecourse for design for non-designers. We will talk about the ingredients to an engaging learning experience based on our lessons learnt.
Michael Brown
VP, Global User Experience and Design
Prototyping and User Research for Everyone with Project Norman
Meet Project Norman, a new open source collaborative design tool which makes it easy for anyone to create interactive prototypes, get feedback from users and jumpstart development without writing a line of code. Incorporating UxD best practices, Norman facilitates visual communication of requirements, low cost iterative prototyping and frequent end-user feedback. See a preview of Norman, learn about the technologies used and understand how you can both benefit and contribute to this OS project.
Sajid Saiyed
User Experience Design Expert
RIPPPLR: A board game for effective brainstorming
No matter what design process one follows, we all go through the phase of “ideation.” A phase where we need to generate large number of ideas around the problem we are trying to solve. To achieve this, we all run brainstorming sessions. But more often than not, we run into situations where we think that the output of these brainstorming sessions could have been better.

RIPPPLR is a board game designed to help conduct effective brainstorming sessions. In this presentation we will introduce you to the board game and show how it can enhance the experience of participating in brainstorming sessions.
Janaki Mythily Kumar
Head of Strategic Design Services, Design & Co-Innovation Center
Delighting Customers through Design Services
Did you know we have a design agency within SAP? Meet the Design and Co-Innovation Center (DCC). We are a team of designers who work directly with customers to translate SAP’s UX strategy to customer’s reality. In this talk, Janaki will give you an overview of DCC—who we are and what we do. Join her to hear the story of 3 of the 300 customer design projects that the DCC team has successfully delivered.
Philip Haine
VP, User Experience at SuccessFactors
Design Brief Process at SuccessFactors
Have you ever worked weeks or months on a design that gets tossed out because it was on the wrong track all along? Are design review sessions chaotic, with participants lacking basic consensus on the user need or product vision? Do you struggle with knowing where to begin with clean sheet design, or when striving for a breakthrough solution? At SuccessFactors UX, we've established a design brief process that kills two birds with one stone. The design brief answers the critical questions any designer should have clarity on for any design problem. It proactively shakes out key insights from the team that affect the direction, before sinking lots of time on solutioning. Come check out these ideas and see if they can help smooth your design cycle and lead to clearer, stronger product vision.
10:30am–12:00pm (during sap speakers)
Exhibition Pods
D.STUDIO—Experience design at SAP
Come check out some non-traditional, consumer-grade SAP projects! We will be showcasing BILT (an app that lets you assemble anything with 3D, interactive instructions), multiple sports-related projects (SAP Scouting, Social Group Seating, and Player Engagement), and some conceptual work around the future of HR.
Delighting Customers through Design Services
Explore how the Design and Co-Innovation Center enabled SAP customers to:
  • Learn while delivering ice cream (Nestle)
  • Provide marketing insight by real-time data (SAP Consumer Insight 365)
  • Create a compelling hockey statistics experience (NHL)...and more!
Designing with patents in mind
Fireside Chat style presentations, examples, and Q&A on how our SAP Global Patent Group, in conjunction with Global Design has simplified and improved the ability for Designers to create, submit and receive monetary rewards for submitting patent ideas.
Genomics on Steroids
SAP is helping medical professionals dedicate their time to those parts of their jobs where it is needed most—improving treatment and developing new therapies. Explore how SAP HANA is revolutionizing genome analysis by enabling researchers to skim through large-scale genome data in near real-time.
sap ux explorer
The SAP UX Explorer is your one-stop shop to learn about SAP UX and UI. There you can browse articles and videos about SAP's UX strategy as well as its diverse UI technologies, compare and contrast those UI technologies (e.g. SAPUI5 v. Web Dynpro ABAP), and find answers to frequently asked questions.
Barcelona For You—A connected city experience
This application creates a contextual journey for a tourist in a connected city, using SAP technology for payments and loyalty, as well as areas detection with ibeacons and NFC to maximize ease of use and interactivity.
The SAP Design Thinking Playbook
  • Learn how to create desirable, feasible and viable products
  • Read about best practices for Defining, Designing, Developing and Delivering successful products
  • Get proven tutorials, templates, examples and other resources
SAP Connected Retail
SAP Connected Retail is a solution of applications that enables a comprehensive vending strategy:
  • Connecting all devices from vending machines to kiosks, to coolers/fridges, to digital signage
  • Optimizing asset operations to ensure efficient maintenance and just in time replenishment
  • Enhancing the customer engagement experience through customized content and secure mobile processing
E2E Fiori
It's easy to Design, Develop, Deploy Fiori apps using SAP Hana Cloud Platform.
external Guest Speakers
Don Norman
Director, Design Lab, UC San Diego: Think Observe Make
Prof. Emeritus Cognitive Science & Psychology, UCSD
the Design Lab at ucsd
The world has many excellent design schools that focus upon products, services, and graphic communication. UC San Diego is extending the realm of design to contribute to the solution of major issues confronting us, among them is the future of work. although there is great fear that automation displaces jobs, we believe there is a better, different way. At the Design Lab we focus upon human-technology teamwork as a different framing of the role of automation. The future of work need not be replacement by machines but rather a collaborative environment that greatly enhances our experience. The workplace is changing: we must explore the positive aspects of this change, ensuring that the result is a more engaging and socially beneficial way of working, playing, creating, and learning.
Sam Yen
Chief Design Officer, SAP
d.forum Launch
A global community of “disruptors" bringing design thinking into enterprise, academia and government. The inaugural program began in Fall 2014 with 16 members and has quickly scaled to include hundreds of design thinkers around the world. The d.forum gives disruptors a place to come together to Learn DesignThinking, Do Design Thinking, and Share Design Thinking Success Stories and Ta Dahs to learn forward.
Justin Ferrell
Fellowships Director at the Institute of Design at Stanford University, aka "the d.school"
The d.school Fellowship Program
The d.school fellowship program helps restless experts grow creative and resilient organizations, to accelerate systems-level impact in their areas of expertise. The program equips d.fellows to go back into the world with the vision and skills to reframe challenges, and the momentum they need to spark new ways of working. This year’s cohort is comprised of individuals working in a variety of ways to invent, disrupt and innovate in and around complex social systems. Learn how graduate students, professionals and academics from across disciplines come together at the d.school to learn and apply design thinking to complex challenges facing people around the world.
Chris Noessel
Design Fellow at Cooper
Pair Design: The most effective, most productive, best design relationship of your entire life
There is a way of working on design problems that borders on magic. It makes design better and designers more efficient and motivated. San Francisco interaction design consultancy Cooper has been refining this practice for 20 years, and Design Fellow Christopher Noessel has been there helping shape it for 10. Cooper practices it with their clients and helps transform other design departments through its adoption. In this talk Christopher will share the power of pair design and how it can create the best design relationships of your entire life.
Saul Gurdus
VP, Customer Experience, Citrix
Transforming corporate culture with Design Thinking
Inspired by the d.school, Citrix set out on their journey to transform the company’s corporate culture. Hear the lessons learned from this 5 year journey and the latest pivots and enablement strategy.
Rachel Powers
Founder, Visde
Designing Multi Touchpoint Experiences
Designing for every touch point is key to making a memorable experience that spans across the user’s journey. Creating an integrated holistic experiences that span physical, digital, or hybrid, whether delivered via mobile device, wearable, computer, print, physical product, service or something new.
Izac Ross
Service & Interaction Designer
Narrative as Prototype
As more and more of the experiences we craft are services that unfold over time—written, dramatic, and visual storytelling become the perfect early prototype. Designers can take advantage of the Narrative Paradigm, which states that all humans are natural storytellers and evaluators. Narratives are cheap and quick to make and evaluate. In this talk we will explore several narrative tools and when and how to use them in the design process.
Debashish Paul
Product Designer, Facebook
Designing for Different Cultures
Today, we live in a hyper-connected world and that is just one side of us. The other side is deeply rooted in the place we belong to, our upbringing, our value systems and our ways of looking and connecting to the world. This other side of ours is very different from each other and we need to consider that while we create and design things for mass markets. We are not designing for billions like us, we are rather designing for billion others. Cultures are formed through generations and it is hard to change cultures through mere products. Today, It is much more important to design with cross-cultural challenges in mind because we live in a hyper-connected world.
Sunita Ram
Interaction Designer, Idean
Culture, Collaboration and Play
How do you nurture an inspired design culture within your organization? How do you create an environment where play and collaboration co-exist and flourish? How can you percolate a design-centric culture across multiple geographies, cultures and time zones? Join me as I share examples of work-and-play methods that help sustain a culture of innovation.
Joel Wade
Sr. Director, Program Management, Kabam
The Art and Science of Fun
The modern video game landscape is evolving dramatically as it has shifted from stand-alone console games to connected online experiences. When success means delighting your customers, keeping them engaged, and staying in business... how can we use both art and science to create compelling user experiences? Join us for a meandering tour of the some of the tools and challenges of developing a successful video game from playtests to KPIs, tutorials to funnels, fun scores to retention rates.
J.T. Trollman
Product Designer, Facebook
Empathy in design
What happens to your digital life when you die? How does a product handle people going through difficult experiences? What can you gain from getting down in the trenches with people using your product? As a product designer at Facebook, I'll share a few surprising examples of how understanding the person using your product—and their circumstances—can lead to better product design.
1:45pm–3:00pm (during external speakers)
d.school Fellowship Pods
David Clifford
David builds learning environments. A maker, teacher and advocate for social justice, he was a founding member of East Bay School for Boys, a 6th-8th grade independent school in Berkeley that’s dedicated to nurturing boys to become compassionate, accountable and creative problem-solvers deeply connected to social justice and equity. Before that, David held numerous roles in his 13 years at Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco, a “private school with a public purpose” founded in 1895.

His d.school fellowship project centers on his work to launch a co-ed high school in Oakland in 2016.
Jae Rhim Lee
The first time Jae Rhim went to the National Funeral Director’s Association convention, she put on her most conservative black outfit and got an all-access pass—but still got kicked out of a workshop on formaldehyde. Several years later, she was invited by the same group to present The Infinity Burial Project, her proposal for postmortem alternatives that challenge cultural death denial. Such is the nature of Jae Rhim’s provocative approach, which includes the MIT FEMA Trailer project she launched after helping the City of New Orleans recover from Hurricane Katrina.

She is spending her fellowship year prototyping alternatives to the funeral industry, to promote “death care” and the natural acceptance of our inevitable end.
Susan Dix Lyons
Susan and a dedicated team raised money, designed, built and opened Clinica Verde, a sustainably designed patient-centered clinic for the poor in Boaco, Nicaragua. In its first two years, the clinic has served more than 28,000 patients. It has extended its reach into community healthcare, cultivated a demonstration farm for hands-on workshops to teach nutrition, and is working to open an in-house laboratory. Earlier this year, Susan was honored by the Dalai Lama as an Unsung Hero of Compassion. She now plans to scale Clinica Verde’s preventative model to underserved communities in the United States, the project she undertook as a d.school fellow.
Tim Shriver
At the NYC Lab School the past two years, he used his skills for organizing and inspiring youth-led movements to give students a sense of ownership over their education. The roots of this work come from his involvement with Special Olympics and his experience as co-founder of Spread the Word to End the Word, a national initiative Tim helped launch six years ago as a sophomore at Yale University. The movement is a global campaign to stop the casual and pejorative use of the word “retard.” The initiative now has nearly 500,000 pledges and holds more than 2,000 events annually at schools, college campuses and community centers. The Future Project is coming to several San Francisco public schools this fall, and Tim used his d.school fellowship to prototype a model for its future expansion.
Michael Tubbs
Two years ago, at age 22, Michael was elected to the City Council in his hometown of Stockton, Calif., with more than 60 percent of the vote. He returned home to help reinvent Stockton, a bankrupt city that ranks in the top 10 nationally in unemployment and violent crime. His campaign and election is the subject of a documentary, True Son, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this year. In addition to serving on the City Council, Michael has taught low-income youth at Aspire Langston Hughes Academy since 2012. As a d.school fellow, he is building on his plans to launch a school in Stockton for young men of color, and to create a model for more schools nationwide.
Jason Mayden
As the senior design innovation lead for Jordan Brand, Jason created strategic footwear platforms for athletes including Chris Paul, Derek Jeter, Carmelo Anthony and, of course, MJ. During this time, Jason designed the 2009 Air Jordans. After earning a Master’s degree in management as a Sloan Fellow at Stanford, he returned to Nike as its global director of innovation for digital sport, the team that designed the FuelBand.

Jason is a husband and father of two children, and when his nine-year-old son was experiencing rapid weight gain due to food allergies and intolerances, Jason saw first-hand its psychological effects. At the d.school, he will continue his new work combatting childhood obesity, with a focus on consumption behavior and family play.
Angeliki Kapoglou
Angeliki Kapoglou is a space systems engineer and designer with a focus on organizational change, business process design and strategic planning. Angeliki has an obsession with working across disciplines and large scale systems and has worked both at NASA and the European Space Agency on projects ranging from the design of Cost of Quality indicators for the procurement of microgravity payloads, to an early definition project for integrated satellite applications for the Arctic, and more recently to scenario planning for space policy, crowdsourcing and short innovation contests as a technology procurement tool in the context of government. She currently explores the intersection of emerging technologies and geopolitics and more specifically how might we better use satellite data to uncover evidence of alleged atrocities and crimes against human rights in non-permissive environments.
Karen Yoshiko Matsuoka
Karen is a passionate change-agent committed to transforming our health care system to meet the needs of our most vulnerable patients by putting them at the center of health care reform, treating the whole person and not simply the disease, and promoting well-being rather than simply responding to illness.

A Rhodes Scholar and Stanford alum, Karen has returned to the Farm after spending over 10 years in health policy at the national and state levels. She is eager to bring the power of human-centered design to health care reform and apply design-thinking to policy-making in order expand the range of patient-centered care solutions that are financially viable.
Join us after for a St. Patrick's Day beer bash!
3:30–5:00PM, building 8 cafÉ