We don't just think outside the box
We set the box on fire and sweep away the ashes
Okay, it turns out starting fires in the office is frowned upon, but you get the idea. d.studio is built upon principles of design thinking, and while this theory may not be revolutionary anymore, it has never been more relevant. We like to think of ourselves not just as designers, but as thinkers and tinkerers, too. We spend as much time thinking, brainstorming, and discussing as we do designing and implementing our ideas.
it all starts with
the problem.
Believe it or not, we want to hear you complain (just not about us). But seriously, the complaints and frustrations of the people are what fuel the need for a solution. Whether we find the problem, or the problem finds us, it is our goal to solve it.
then, we
After all, research is undoubtedly the catalyst for a successful solution. When an opportunity is identified, we become obsessed with the problem, collecting as much relevant information as possible. We utilize interviews, observations, and competitive analyses, as well as our own experiences to frame insights for solutions.
Research results allow us to start
Exploring solutions.
In order to find the best solution, we must view the problem from every possible angle. We believe that by shifting our own perspective, we are able to solve problems in new and innovative ways. Furthermore, throughout this process, we continually ask ourselves: Is it desirable, visable and feasible?
We don't just put ourselves in the users' shoes, we buy the same pair.
and then we walk a mile or two — or two-hundred...
the next step is
The true test of our success comes with validation from the people using our solutions, or, as we like to call them, the experts. When the experts are happy, we are happy. When the experts are upset, then we’ve got a long night ahead.
upon validation, we aim to
There isn’t much better than a successful product launch (except maybe ice cream...we love ice cream). After countless caffeine-fueled hours and iteration upon iteration, seeing big ideas become tangible solutions is an extremely rewarding experience that makes all the hard work worth it.
we continue to
After launch, we continue to think and we continue to design, evolving and enhancing the product as needed. To be successful, we must avoid being static or stagnant.