mobile app
Adler Mannheim
This app was designed by sports fans, for sports fans! It enables new ways for fans to participate in and enhance the game experience, while allowing franchises to better understand their fans.
fans and franchises
For the sports franchise or arena, the app enables management to create unique experiences for fans and to understand them as individuals. For the fan, the app enhances their game day experience and draws them closer to the team that they love.
gameday experience
The app shows game-related information such as the team roster, the schedule and news for the home and away teams. You can also find stadium-specific info such as stadium maps and parking information.

Each fan has a unique membership, which allows him or her to purchase merchandise and tickets while benefiting from a loyalty program. By tying purchases to membership, the franchise gains valuable insights about the individual fan preferences.
making every game unforgettable for fans
We asked ourselves: “What if fans could feel closer to their favorite teams and use mobile apps to enhance their game day experience making every game unforgettable?”

Determining and providing the best way for fans to share their unique game day experiences with their friends and family was also high on our list of to-do items. We got a lot of insights by visiting the sports arenas, talking and observing sports fans each time.
making every game a learning tool for franchises
For the franchises, we asked ourselves: “What if sports clubs had a detailed understanding of each fan’s game attendance, buying behavior, and favorite players?” and “What if clubs were able to offer individualized promotions based on the individual fan’s preferences?” We were also interesting in closing in on the kinds of experiences clubs could offer fans that money cannot buy.
delightful user experience
SAP Fan Experience is consistent and engaging, delivering an elegant, intuitive and downright fun user interaction. And it provides a unified, team-branded experience with flexibility to support embedded apps from 3rd parties.
I thinks it's great this app rewards my team loyalty!
—Sports Fan