Tablet & mobile app
BILT is an interactive, 3D, voice-guided app that helps consumers assemble and install products. Easier than paper instructions (and far more fun), BILT is a new, intuitive way to assemble just about anything.
2015 Appy Awards, Winner
Home/Garden/Interior Design/Lifestyle Category
Who is it for?
BILT is made for experienced do-it-yourselfers, novices or anyone who’s ever bought a product with “some assembly required” written on the box.

BILT also benefits the manufacturer, as consumers are also encouraged to register, which gives product manufacturers a closer relationship with them. A closer relationship with the customer means they can glean better insights about the customer experience, allowing them to better innovate in the future.
probing the problem space
We recognized a unique opportunity to simplify the product assembly experience leveraging SAP's proprietary 3-D technology. Multiple rounds of user research informed the overall business case investment.

In a series of usability tests, we saw where there were hiccups in the product assembly experience (both with & without the app) and these insights provided the creative impetus to the design concepts in BILT. When we asked participants to build a grill using only our app, the sense of accomplishment people felt was remarkable.
shaping the user experience
We set out to craft an experience that was simple, intuitive and a joy to use. Making paper prototypes allowed us to quickly pivot as we tried out various approaches.

We had a good idea of the set of features we needed from our prototype testing—we focused on surfacing the most important information and letting everything else recede into the background.
Exploring the visuals
It was very important that our app looked as good as it felt. We used a wall at the coffee area (yes, high tech, we know!) to gather feedback in our Palo Alto and Cambridge offices where people could look at design options while grabbing their coffee and leave feedback using sticky notes or markers.

We also followed up with a quantitative simple online survey. This was only possible because everyone in our offices could relate to the core value of the app, which meant they all qualified as end-users we could readily test with.
sweating the details
We carefully designed the visual language of BILT to be expressive and intuitive: tools look like tools, model numbers looks like model numbers, average time to assemble looks like a timer.

We simplified the registration process down to the basics so people can get warranty coverage for their products as quickly and easily as possible.

We made sure the 3D models available through BILT were clear with easy-to-follow pausable, voice-guided instructions.

All these details were iterated and tested many times until we got them just right.
It feels good to say I did it myself!
—consumer research participant