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Empowering organizations to scale design with a user-centered approach.
The SAP UX story
Since 2004, SAP has made a deep commitment to the end user. We have scaled our own scarce design talent and up skilled our own employees to sprout a design culture within SAP. We have alsobeen helping many of our customers do the same with our own design consultancy. Today, the enterprise IT industry is on the same UX journey SAP began over 10 years ago.
As recognized by our customers, partners, analysts and the design community, SAP has firmly established itself at the forefront of design for the enterprise. Our user-centered approach has repeatedly driven real tangible business value for our customers. With the design of Fiori (link to geneva), SAP has been able to scale “core” interaction paradigms and re-imagine them for more complex scenarios and business processes for S/4 HANA.
The challenges
In the enterprise world, 70% of apps that are deployed are not adopted (per Forrester research) as they are difficult to use. The business experts or IT Specialists, who are busy shipping solutions, often end up putting together the user interfaces. While they’re experts in their business domains, they’re still novices in the design process. This mismatch unfortunately results in inefficiently functioning and crude looking business apps, which is a far cry from the consumer-grade user experience that people have come to expect.

Additionally, companies are only starting to become aware that user experience is a strategic differentiator. They area unable to close the UX gap due to hiring strategies that are not caught up to business trends.

With this state of the industry, how do you close the UX gap more broadly?
Build empowers companies to scale design.
—Sam Yen, Chief Design Officer (CDO) of SAP
Our solution
Our UXaaS platform empowers non-designers to go through a guided design. We provide a gallery of inspiration where they can simply pick a project, clone it, and then build upon the work already done. For those who want to really understand their users, we provide prototype and validation tools. This allows constant feedback making our users more mindful of their users.

We empower enterprises to scale design with the ability to create a private gallery of internal projects. This enables companies to accelerate and scale thoughtful design in their ecosystems while leveraging their own design guidelines.
UXaaS builds on the power of SAP Hana Cloud Platform (HCP) expanding our PaaS offering to address the huge unmet need in user experience.

Our goal is to empower the business experts at enterprises to think like designers and be mindful of their users. With Build, we can all imagine a world where historically dull enterprise software becomes like consumer apps: simple, delightful and intuitive.
SAP is turning the ship around, and helping its customers to turn their ship around.