tablet & mobile app
A free service that helps patients and families find best caregiving practices, while collaborating seamlessly with multiple specialists.
What does it do?
Care Circles was developed after we identified an opportunity for technology to facilitate better communication in overseeing the care of the special needs children.

In our research, we found that parents of special needs children were overwhelmed trying to stay on task supporting their family and communicating with teachers, doctors, therapists and specialists.

We wanted families to feel more at ease and supported knowing that communication will occur whether or not they’re the ones actively making it happen.

Care Circles synchronizes the input of multiple care providers, and optimizes the overall outcome for the child while minimizing stress for the parents.
Finding a modern approach to an age-old source of support
For family caregivers, Care Circles makes it easy to find and deliver the best care. It helps you learn about your family member's condition, share that knowledge with your team, and track daily progress. Care Circles gives you peace of mind by keeping everyone on the same page.

For healthcare providers, Care Circles helps increase patient engagement by involving family caregivers. It provides a platform to publish best practices, monitor patients remotely, and collect real-world evidence. Care Circles creates healthier lives by enabling communities to care for each other.
From zero to hero
We began by doing empathy studies that helped us answer questions like what do we hear, feel, smell, touch and see from the end user’s perspective. The many interviews drove the personas along with storyboards. When patterns in feedback emerged, we moved to consolidate those ideas into hand sketched prototypes.

Iterations of hand sketched prototypes were used to gather feedback, validate ideas which then in turn helped us bump up the fidelity of flows and screens to wireframes. Many visual concepts were explored until we succeeded in creating an uplifting and light yet sophisticated experience.
on-the-go care
The users’ need for mobility was addressed by piloting the app on iPad followed by iPhone. The design focuses on three main components: a shared journal, a team page, and a library of care plans.
Enabling people beyond their limits
Care Circles, powered by SAP HANA, solves a unique problem faced by many people caring for special needs children. It gives comfort and support in a secure environment allowing caregivers to feel success as milestones are achieved. takes a village to raise a child.
—CEO at Tomfoolery, INC.