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CxO Dashboard
CxO Dashboard is a set of applications that enhances the insight of senior executives of a global corporation in every aspect of enterprise performance.
What does it do?
With these tools, executives are able to:
  • Review State of the business, plus drill down into the real-time data
  • Show budget & forecast based on given targets
  • Outline highlights of issues in meeting the plan
  • Review proposed mitigations and assumptions
The path to insight
Our multidisciplinary team of content experts, product managers, designers, researchers and development talent followed the design thinking methodology in collaboration with C-level executives at a Fortune 500 company. After understanding the business and user needs, we focused on multiple iterations of ideation, prototyping and validation with end-users.

Great time and effort were invested in understanding the domain, the players and the possible issues. We took a rigorous approach to knowing our user: their goals, motivations, preferences, decision-making process,
golden moment, etc.
From insights to seeing the future
The CxO Dashboard application, powered by SAP HANA, allows C-level management of a multinational corporation to review the key metrics of the company’s actual global performance and budget at the “touch of a button.” They are now able to proactively discover potential issues and concerns, and evaluate the efficacy of their decisions with real-time forecasting and “what if” scenario creation capabilities.
Can I take this home with me right now?
—CEO, Fortune 500 Company, SAP Customer