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Geneva to Fiori
A redefined experience of core SAP products that brings simple and intuitive byte-sized consumer-grade apps to enterprise software.
how did it start?
It all began when we engaged with a Fortune 100 company to simplify user experience of SAP products used in the worldwide offices of this well-known global corporation. We brought a consumer-grade experience that was useful, usable, beautiful and cohesive to a suite of products and successfully humanized even the most tedious tasks.

We then brought that innovation back to all of SAP’s core product offerings. Collaborating with various business units within SAP, we leveraged our design-thinking approach to envision, inspire, create, build consensus and execute a suite of next-generation products, which became known as Fiori.

Our primary goal was to empower end users and convert high-value/high-impact products or process-centric transactions into person-centric byte-sized apps.
go global. go mobile.
We set out to deliver a cohesive user experience across multiple devices and desktop, which involved fundamentally rethinking the overall design philosophy. Once we were able to gain support for a person-centric approach, we delved into iterations of interaction design patterns that were easy to implement and fit 80% of use cases. We developed a fresh branded experience that enabled SAP apps to be in sync with current design trends.

In the first phase, we designed and built beachhead apps that enabled managers and employees to quickly complete chore tasks like creating and approving leaves, shopping carts, purchase requisitions and purchase orders. In this endeavor, we also helped inform development of UI5, SAP’s proprietary UI technology.
walking in the users' shoes
Walking in users’ shoes meant gaining deep empathy for managers and employees—understanding their roles, goals, motivations and pain points.

We saw managers jump between various approval applications—each with its own experience paradigm, along with additional paradigms created for different devices. We felt their joys and pains when they completed their tasks.

We advocated for an improved person-centric end-user experience backed by quantifiable user research data.

Once we scrapped the conventional approach and reframed the problem, the rest of the project followed our typical design process.
making history
For the first time in the history of SAP, we delivered a responsive design—one core design pattern optimized for your specific device. The design is simple and consistent across devices, giving the user an outstanding consumer-grade experience that truly maximizes efficiency and minimizes stress.

The user experience surpassed expectation and has since become the foundation for a company-wide shift towards user-centered design. Project Geneva evolved into SAP Fiori, which is a collection of frequently used SAP software that work seamlessly across desktop, tablet and smartphone. The first release of SAP Fiori includes 25 apps for the most common business functions. Subsequently, all SAP applications have embraced or are in the process of embracing Fiori user experience.

a seat at the table
The wild success story here is that after Geneva Fiori, SAP's user experience was forever redefined. Because UX design was shown to have such deep and measurable impact with our customers, it secured a seat at the table, so to speak.

At the product level and at the topic level, the importance of UX as a strategic competency is fast becoming more and more a reality.
This is exactly what we need—when can we have it?!
—Fortune 100 Company, SAP Customer Council