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A personalized social shopping app connecting consumers with brands they love for a better shopping experience—and connecting brands with their consumers to help predict trends.
facilitating mutually beneficial connections
Consumers still face a set of pain points when they shop in stores, ranging from finding a specific product at a particular store to finding it in the right size at a fair price. Consumers also have a difficult time dealing with and sorting through the avalanche of offers and promo emails and brochures.

Retailers have historically struggled to leverage their consumer network to predict trends and merchandise appropriately.

To meet these needs, SAP created My Runway, an app that connects the consumer network to fashion brands bringing tangible value to both.
fashionistas love brands love fashionistas
The typical My Runway user—a fashion-conscious woman—tends to cherry-pick from high-fashion brands like Prada in addition to mainstream brands like H&M. With My Runway they can follow both and find inspiration for everything from daily wear to special occasions.

It also allows brands to track their best consumers’ style preferences and shopping habits.
how to simplify while dazzling
We did longitudinal user research studies to uncover the fashion shopping habits of the target audience over a period, establishing personas and key scenarios to illustrate and add dimension to our understanding of the user.

On the consumer side, the biggest design challenge was to strike a balance between quickly finding items that users want and the need for finding inspiration. While the first one requires a very functional and simplistic design, the latter needs to be dazzling and awe-inspiring. The interactions we landed on are delightful and the result is a unique and highly effective customer experience.
that looks awesome on you!
Powered by SAP HANA, My Runway makes fashion shopping fun and efficient, and it is a great shopping buddy/personal shopper.

My Runway supports multi-channel shopping with a particular focus on in-store retail where over 85% of fashion purchases are made. Like a best friend, My Runway accompanies fashionistas during shopping, assisting them as they try and buy with the help of the app’s social features and wish lists.
It's like window shopping at your fingertips.
—my runway customer