Tablet & Mobile App
The goal was to unify the fragmented experience across solutions and devices while focusing on the overall Nestle brand.
Lausanne, we have a problem.
Our team began with the Nestlé project when it was in the heat of escalation and needed a quick solution. In short, Nestlé's business user was refusing to use SAP’s standard mobile “productivity” applications such as Purchase Requisition Approvals or Leave Requests.

Users were unhappy with the fragmented experience our solutions offered across desktop, iPhone and iPad. They wanted a harmonized, highly usable and useful solution. They also didn’t want to deal with the overly complex logon experience our mobile solutions require. Nestlé simply wanted to launch the apps and integrate to their SAP Portal user management. Nestlé wanted a “branded” experience with all approval scenarios combined into one place.
Long days and lots of chocolate. Nestlé, of course.
In five very long working days we were able to deliver a compelling proof of concept to Nestlé that showed a consumer-grade, branded user experience for iPhone and iPad. No use cases as such had been created by Nestlé, so we took the designs from our proof of concept and validated them with business experts and end users to ensure that both business and end-user needs were met. In our synthesis we often found very different points of view between user needs and what business thought was necessary. A plan to design and build six business scenarios for iPhone, iPad and Web, plus enable Nestlé to deploy three additional scenarios in 90 days.
Clunky can’t fly. Not anymore.
At this point a small team of designers and business experts as well as UI developers from the custom development team were established. Using a design-thinking mindset, we created storyboards for each scenario walking in the end users shoes ourselves (managers, employees). Interaction and visual design followed.
“Merci vielmal!”
By early November, the project was deemed a success for both SAP and Nestlé. We had delivered what we had set out to do: consumer-grade experiences for business users, leveraging Nestlé’s backend systems. The project also helped to raise awareness around the urgency to deliver consumer-grade experiences. It also served to very clearly outline examples and processes surrounding how applications need to be designed and built. Project Geneva followed quickly on the heels of Nestlé, and SAP continued to pioneer.
SAP demonstrated they can deliver consumer-grade experiences across devices.
—Nestle Executive