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Photo Tribe
Photo Tribe is a common camera roll for sharing photos and videos of your life events with family and friends. Snap and share in one click.
what does it do?
Experience any event through multiple lenses. By aggregating every image or video taken by all the people who belong to your group, it’s almost as if there had been a professional documentary photographer on the scene. The result is a common camera role that gives everyone in your group a more robust, 360˚ chronicle of the event for a multi-perspective take on everything that happened.
High Resolution & Perfect Privacy
While social media is great for sharing photos, it’s an access free-for-all and a creativity dead-end. Photo Tribe acts as a gatekeeper for privacy by allowing the group owner to define sharing permissions and by requiring members to use PIN activation. Tribe members have access to full-quality originals so photographs and videos can be leveraged for personal use. Any photo or video can be saved into your device.
The Best of Social
It’s like a party where only your favorite people are invited. Anyone can create a tribe and instantly allow photo and video content to be viewable on other members’ devices. Any member of the tribe can “like” or comment on a photo or video. Photo Tribe makes it extra fun by gamifying different kinds of users, tracking most-liked photos and most-active photographers. Users can belong to multiple private and public tribes. A public tribe can be followed and participants can receive updates—from a favorite sports team, for example. Tribes with the most recent updates will float to the top. The group owner can archive or delete and it will be archived as past tribe for users.