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SAP Player Engagement
Bringing coaches closer to players and encouraging players to be tighter with each other equals success on the pitch.
Tactical Communication On and Off the Pitch
SAP Player Engagement is a platform that facilitates rich communication between coaches and players of a sports team. In addition to the simple verbal advice and pep talk, coaches can instill team philosophy and gameplay tactics with relevant statistics and videos, and therefore prepare for games more effectively. Players can engage on tactical discussions with coaches, teammates, position-mates, or just have fun in the all-team chat room.
Even Games Benefit from Gamification
By leveraging social app design, a sense of family is created within the team. Especially because not every team has its players and coaches physically together all the time, this tool provides a very easy way to communicate tactical information and connect on a casual, personal level even remotely. By strengthening the bond between players and coaches on all levels, there’s a galvanizing outcome that has been proven to heighten success in competition.
Competitive Edge By Design
  • With the BLOCKS feature, coaches can address offensive, defensive and midfield teams individually or communicate at the position or player level.
  • The ability to quickly create and publish bite-sized info packages that consist of exemplary game footage and stats allows coaching staff to show where the player is doing a good job and where improvement needs to happen.
  • Comparative statistics with other top world players along with comparisons to a player’s past performance provides gamified motivation.
  • Whatsapp style IMing experience with photo/video sharing in all-team chat room.
Game Faces: On
This app was mainly intended for young athletes, which meant that it had to be as simple as a Google search bar. Of course the numerical nature of the content did not make this task so easy. In order to make it right, we decided to talk to the right people—the athletes of today and the past. We traveled overseas, met players, did whiteboarding with coaches, came back and still had to take midnight calls to refine our designs. In the end, we got to a level where the information-rich content could be consumed in an efficient and fun manner on a smartphone. Our app was adopted by real sports clubs and used in preparation for real matches.
Winning is that easy.
—sports fan