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Project Employee Central
A conceptual project empowering employees and managers to make efficient and effective career, team, and project decisions.
let's take insight to action
When our team was asked to bring a different conceptual approach with a consumer-grade experience to SAP’s current HR solution offering, we brought our multi-disciplinary heavy-hitters to the table. We collaborated with SuccessFactors designers, project managers, development, and sales folks to get the lay of the land.

Our design principle that drove the concept was going from data to insights & insights to action—surfacing the right amount of information or the right action at the right time.
everyone wins
Project EC strives to provide managers with an “at a glance” and “detailed” view of their team, so they can access the right information to empowers them to make the right decisions all from one comprehensive dashboard.

There’s a payoff for employees too! Employees can enter or consume information about their position, skills (both current and desired), get recognition, and keep the team abreast of their schedule changes – all from one spot.
bringing it all together
Once we got our head around the problem space, we started to see opportunities to elevate the experience. We constructed a straw man storyboard and bumped up the fidelity with each subsequent round of testing (storyboard to low-fidelity wireframes to high-fidelity wireframes to high-fidelity mocks-ups).

The development team collaborated us with from the get-go providing critical feasibility input, and turned our wireframes into working prototypes with back-end integration.
extending a versatile design pattern
At a conceptual level, we found a powerful connection between our Scouting player profile and the Project EC employee profile. We leveraged interaction patterns where it made sense and focused a lot of our creativity on shaping the micro-interactions. Meaningful data visualizations with animations makes the data accessible to the everyday business user. We also focused on creating a flexible yet powerful visual design language.

The overall solution, powered by SAP HANA, received positive feedback from SAP customers and helped pave the way to redefining our success factor HR offering.
This is such a beautiful design, I had no idea SAP could do this kind of work.
—Chief HR Officer, Fortune 500 Company, SAP Customer