Tablet App
SAP RealSpend helps companies empower managers by providing an easy-to-use self- service mobile application that delivers meaningful, actionable insights into spend data.
2013 UX Awards Finalist
"Can I take this home with me? Right now..."
...was the plea from one of the PDP coordinators at ConocoPhillips.

It was then that we know we’d nailed it. We’d succeeded in designing real-time solutions for company leaders to:
  • Manage their budget more effectively
  • Spend strategically
  • Identify expense issues quickly
  • Do it all on the go—anytime, anywhere
How did we build it?
The team followed the design thinking methodology and an organic process that allowed contributors to ideate, prototype and validate quickly and frequently while asking uncomfortable questions along the way: did we choose the right problem to solve? Are we solving it in the best way possible?

Based on the intensive research, we arrived at a solution that we believe solves many of the problems at hand. Users can select from multiple dimensions (department, expense type, or project) and review up to three levels of hierarchy at a time. Color coding lets the user immediately identify the problem area, while the size of the rectangle shows the severity of the problem.
We barked up the right tree
Ultimately we created an elegant consumer-facing product—the SAP RealSpend mobile app for iPad—that transformed a process that was once painful and clunky into an easy-to-use, painless experience that’s both intuitive and comprehensive. “This is great!” said a financial manager for First Energy,“...answers all my questions.”
This is great...answers all my questions!
—First Energy financial manager