end to end
SAP Brand Experience Vision
Leveraging the vision and skills of a cross-functional internal team, we set out to create a cohesive look and feel that encompasses all SAP experiences.
why be different?
With a broad influence on our customers, end users, developers, partners and employees, we have a unique opportunity to shift perception and transform our business for the future. Yet within the structure of our organization, there were multiple projects that did not cross over, and ultimately multiple interpretations and executions of the SAP brand.

As we delved deeper into the source of the problem, we discovered that the less flexibility conveyed in the brand guidelines, the more likely we as a company were to diverge from them. Through this exercise, we also came to ask ourselves an important question: with ubiquity across our industry, how can SAP set itself apart from its competitors?
how we shifted from the norm
Our current SAP identity leverages a bold use of the logo, typography and color, which represents stability and strength, but lacks flexibility and innovation. By giving our logo less prominence and pulling back on type and color, the focus of the viewer is directed to the products we build.
our three concepts
concept one: illustration
Humanistic · Whimsical · Delightful · Organic
concept two: broadcast
Dramatic · Powerful · Dimensional · Dynamic
concept three: photography
Elegant · Structural · Functional · Refined
We cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore.
—Andre Gide