june 5, 2014
CTO Keynote at Sapphire
Software is the new source of competitive advantage.
what is it about?
SAP’s new CTO, Berndt Leukert, presents product strategy at our top customer conference in Orlando, Florida to a live audience of 20k, with the addition of an online audience of about 80k.
presentation time
The world is changing with its heavy dependence on connected devices in present day, as well as in the future. Software is at the heart of it with HANA being the great simplifier that allows for the building of next-generation system architecture.
our contribution
Our team of messaging and visual design experts were brought in to collaborate with the executive team to craft the keynote presentation. We started by pairing down the story, simplifying it to core elements, and then bringing in a highly visual story-telling style.

We wanted the focus to be on the speaker’s delivery, but also be supported by memorable metaphors accompanied with impactful imagery through visual execution.
high-carat take-away
Our goal was to allow the presentation to mimic what HANA does—metaphorically: to take complex, layered ideas and simplify them into a seamless, unified whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts. We wanted the audience—both live and online—to leave with a powerful, take-away image. Like HANA itself, the image is multifaceted, but singularly elegant:

One platform, one UX, one digital-ready core that endlessly powers apps of the digital age.
Run simple.
—berndt leukert, sap cto