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SAP Scouting
SAP Scouting empowers football franchises in the NFL to evaluate, identify and acquire the talent that fuels their teams' on-field success.
  • Interaction Awards 2014, Winner, People’s Choice
  • Interaction Awards 2014, Finalist, Optimizing
What does it do?
SAP Scouting is a software application we have worked on over the last 1.5 years with one primary goal: reduce the uncertainty in drafting or roster decisions.

Our solution empowers football franchises in the NFL to evaluate, identify and acquire the talent that fuels their teams’ on-field success by freeing up scouts in the NFL to spend more time actually scouting for great players than searching, collecting, and entering data.

SAP Scouting is the tool of choice for the San Francisco 49ers and Washington Redsksins.
How did we build it?
We did our homework, spending 1500 hours researching our topic. But what struck us the most was how much we got to co-design with our target users, at their sites. This was truly a memorable experience for the opportunity of witnessing the NFL scouting process up close.
thinking like a scout
Scouting involves a great deal of analytical data, and we worked very hard to visualize this information so that it could be consumed as efficiently as possible. We played with colors, sizes, layouts and flows to illustrate a player’s relative level of skill, physical attributes, medical history and other characteristics.
I spend a lot of time chasing and compiling information. What I really want to do is to spend more time to study the league to see what is working and what is not working.
—49ers Scout
winning by a landslide
The countless number of hours spent at the draft room paid off. We took a process that it seemingly infinitely complicated—and with very high stakes—and simplified it. In keeping with that simplification in process, we chose a clean, minimalist design to visually organize, clarify and communicate data-intensive information. This allows the scouts to efficiently digest the information without distracting the user with arbitrary design elements.
Guys, this thing is legit.
—49ers Scout