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SAP Group Seating
A simple way to round up friends for the big game, ensure that everyone sits together—and never have to collect a dime for tickets.
What does it do?
SAP Group Seating was created to make “Social Connectors” out of all of us. Anyone can initiate group attendance, rally friends, and organize seating using the app. The group organizer simply identifies the event and invites friends using social media or email. He or she can feel free to invite every fan that’s a friend, knowing that there’s no increase in effort with added invitations.
let's get social
Friends get notified via email or Facebook and buy their own tickets anytime before a date close to the event. The app, powered by SAP HANA, then runs an algorithm that ensures all friends are seated together.
digital tickets
Tickets arrive electronically in each guest’s email inbox prior to the event. Instead of worrying about logistics, guests can just focus on face paint, foam fingers and lots of fun ahead.
How did we build it?
Using Design Thinking principles, SAP Group Seating was developed in close collaboration with the Stanford University Athletic Department. We attended a few Stanford football and basketball games, interviewed and observed fans during tailgating, as well as during and after the game.
from tailgating to nail biting
We found out that large groups of friends who tailgate together often have to split up during the game because they didn't have tickets together. It was our job to help extend the social festivities from the tailgate, into the game—from the nail biting to that epic clutch win.
more time to put on that face paint!
SAP Group Seating is the simple way to make sure friends sit together for the big game. Tailgates are nice and everyone loves a victory celebration, but wouldn’t you want to experience the game with the same people next to you? That is why the app lets users easily ensure that their friends will be by their side for every exciting moment.
I'm so glad I don't have to pay for everyone's tickets!
—user research participant