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Simple Finance
A conceptual project that involved designing a consumer grade experience for a beachhead application (Collections) within SAP’s core Finance product offering.
collaboration at its best
Working in close collaboration with other teams within SAP, we designed a consumer-grade experience by extending design patterns from SAP Scouting and Project Employee Central to a beachhead application within SAP’s core finance product offering.
turning a chore into a challenge
There’s nothing sexy about collections, but if the user experience feels like a game, it comes a whole lot closer. The Accounts Receivable Collection Specialist is highly motivated by seeing her work list prioritized on a daily basis to stay informed of her target for the day.

This includes establishing a promise to pay or following up on broken promises with the ability to trigger and monitor the dispute resolutions and payment or credit matching.

Ultimately, she wants to ensure that outstanding credits and payments are matched to open items and removed from her “to do” list.
Leveraging Patterns
We leveraged design patterns from Scouting (player profile) and Project EC (employee profile) and created a similar scalable interaction pattern for the company profile viewed by the collections specialist.

We invested our creative energies into designing micro-interactions, gamification elements, and delightful animations and transitions to bring a consumer-grade experience to the end user.
Exploring the Visuals
A strong circular shape in the upper left portion of the home screen reminds the collection specialist of the day’s target as a tasteful gamification element that helps motivate the user to reach the target.

Other relevant key pieces of information were surfaced on their main screen giving easy access to information needed for each new call, which sets the specialist up for increased confidence and likelier success.
Finance, Only Fun!
The Simple Finance beachhead application for AR Collections Specialists has redefined the user-experience patterns, visuals and overall approach for finance product offerings for SAP, making a once-onerous task far more gratifying across the board.