june 23–27, 2014
Team Week
A bi-yearly gathering to form stronger bonds, and stay connected and up-to-date with all things related to the team, our products, and our goals.
day 1
Six months in retrospect
Team week was kicked off by reviewing projects we had worked on in the past six months. This included core products, escalations, and even interior installations. By doing this, everyone was able to get up to speed on the status of projects in our possession. It also established an understanding of where each project was headed. It was amazing to see all that we had managed to achieve in only a six-month period of time.
day 2
the bilt success story
Into the second day, more was elaborated on our most recent project, BILT, and its journey from an idealization to an actual live product. Nate, the product manager, presented the entire process, highlighting both successes and failures so the team could utilize his learnings in future projects. He described how he moonlighted for a year and a half with no budget and how he refused exclusive licensing with a major retailer because he truly believed the product could be so much more.
I wish every project could be like this!
day 3
ux day
The theme of 2014's UX Day is the idea of Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, and Creativity at SAP. Our team sought to create an overarching mood and unforgetable experience by carefully designing the space, sound, and surroundings to match this overall theme. We were also honored to have industry leaders come to speak and share their perspectives on improving ourselves in the workspace, as well as in life.
day 4
tools and personas
Day 4 was all about learning something new. We started off by participating in an activity arranged by Amir, a Sr. UX Researcher on our team, that eventually tallied the different personas we had in our team, based off the The Ten Faces of Innovation. We learned that a solid team is formed when all these different personas gather, and our team was definitely made up of a variety of these personas.

Then we had some members voluntarily present design tools that they were fond of using. We always welcome the introduction of new tools that could strengthen our skills, so why not share them with the entire team.
I'm the only Caregiver!?
day 5
friday funday
For the last day of Team Week, we started off by catching up with the bosses. After an informal heart-to-heart chat, voicing our concerns or questions, we moved on to the long awaited Show and Tell.

We may always work together, sit together, or eat lunch together, but we are busy, busy people. This activity gave us a chance to take a breather, relax, and share our interests, hobbies, or just something fun to the whole team. From presenting our drawings, to displaying our collectible toys, to expressing our love for riding a motorcycle, to teaching everyone how to make a drink—anything goes to reveal ourselves a little bit more.

The day eventually came to an end with the combined events of plowing through our team photoshoot session, a surprise baby shower for a team member, and last but not least, happy hour!
Okay, now back to work!!!