February 9–13, 2015
Team Week
A recap of great memories with great people.
A change of scenery
During our UX team week this year, we switched up our locations from being cramped in everyone's favorite conference room, Torrey Pines, to the more spacious and used-to-be office of Hasso. We even took over the Justice League Head Quarters for a day! Kidding. It was actually an amazing Victorian home… one of the first ever to be built in Palo Alto, and also a California historical landmark (two furry friends included!)
get your story straight!
For one of the days of the week, we were able to spend time with an amazing speaker. We had David Riemer, an Executive-in-Residence at Berkeley-Haas Business School, founder of Box Out Industries, and co-founder of Spiral Staircase Productions. He talked to us about story finding and story telling, outlining the different components to creating a compelling and memorable tale.

In a separate session, we put these learnings to practice. Engaging in an exercise that split us into teams of four or five, we were able to share our own personal stories and then try to stitch them together into one bigger story. We ended up having a blast and learned some new things about each team member in the process.
Behind every great product is a great story... It takes longer to get your story down to its essence, but there's so much power in getting it right.
—David Riemer
UX Boost
We were all super excited for our UX Boost session, as we invited guests from within, as well as outside of SAP, to speak to us about new and/or relevant topics in the world of design and technology.

This was a great chance to diverge from our usual discussions and learn about the other things that are happening around us. From designing for wearables to designing a board game built to improve brainstorming, we were both inspired and intrigued by these ideas.
talks by
Designing for Wearables
Damien Murphy,
Software Engineer at SAP
Art, design, and chips!
Eric Faggin,
Product Designer at Synaptics
New powerful ways to interact with technology
Olivier Mercier,
Sr. Developer at SAP
Lean User Research
Sajid Reshamwala,
Lead Product Designer at Jut
Rippplr: Playful Thinking
Sajid Saiyed,
Sr. UX Design Expert at SAP
What's realer than real?
Audrey Yang,
UX Researcher
the book club
After boosting our UX knowledge, we leapt into a literary boost with our first ever Book Club. People paired up, read a book or two, and shared the insights with the rest of the team.

Some of the books include:
12 principles of animation
Presented by Mustard Creative Agency
sharing knowledge
One of our team members, Jai, held a session where he showed us how the physics of animations breath life into static objects. He outlined the case for using animations in interface design, and followed it up with the fundamentals for animating UI and practical tips on incorporating animations in each phase of design and product development process. He even shared with us this cool video on the 12 principles of animation!

We also want to thank our panelists, who shared insights about their research processes when working on our Online Education, Wearables, and the Future of Retail projects. We learned how important it is to find proxy proof, how your technique and methods depend on your resources, and lessons on what worked well and what could be improved.

Throughout the week, there was a lot of discussion, and Brian, our Sr. Vice President, was gracious enough to visit us for one of them. Lastly, but definitely not least, Sam, our CDO (Chief Design Officer), gave us an outlook for this year.
project recap
We had an eye-opening session held by members of the China team about My Runway, where they revealed some interesting facts and numbers. My Runway had actually ranked 5th in the China Appstore in the Lifestyle > Fashion category and the average download rate dramatically increased by 128%.

Then Natasha, our Sr. Interaction Designer, shared with us the design challenges around BILT—what didn’t get implemented, what they hope to implement etc.
Read more about my runway or bilt
good times & company
To give our brains a little break and step out of the office, we journeyed out to the beautiful waters of Richardson Bay for a day of fresh air, flexing our muscles while kayaking in Sausalito. As you can see, there was some friendly fire. All in good fun!

We continued the fun with a little team reunion. Overall, it was a great time spent catching up with alumi now working at Facebook, Tophatter, GuideSpark, and other places. This wraps up our team week. Until next year!
We should have an off-site every year!