interior project Workspace
Shaping our physical environment.
how did it start?
Our team wanted to enhance the (formally known as AppHaus) workspace to showcase our work and reflect our personality, while creating and environment that fosters creativity.

We designed walls dedicated to our sports and fashion apps, a wall of fame that showcases various projects, process, and people. We also pioneered the creation of a feedback wall in the coffee area, bringing a more casual way of interacting with design prototypes, ideas and events.
evolving imagination
We use our space for design thinking sessions and continually sketch artifacts and ideas for feedback on our walls. The feedback wall adjacent to the well-trafficked coffee area lets everyone give input or vote on designs. This process has become effective in assessing first impressions for consumer projects and inspired other teams to share designs throughout the UX organization, bringing a level of transparency to the process that hadn’t been there before.
celebrating success
We have a sense of pride in our work as we showcase recent projects. The wall of fame lets all teams within our larger UX organization showcase their key projects, which boosts progressive thinking, creativity and morale.